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Trempealeau River – Perrot State Park
Dec 13th, 2017 | Cole White | Link
how much would it cost to go down the Trempealeau River at parrot state park? for shuttle and kayak rental?
Mukwonago River
Nov 30th, 2017 | Eric from wingra creek | Link
Hey I'm thinking of doing the Mukwonago this weekend, any idea if the wild rice has died back yet?
Blue River – Snow Bottom
Nov 24th, 2017 | Rich Bostwick | Link
After doing the stretch upstream, which was way cool, I can't wait to do this one. Thanks for the great pics!
Yahara River – Deforest
Nov 15th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Just did the section (again from VMP to Innovation Drive with a bike shuttle, The gauge was at about 32 fps and just above 2.7 ft. very nice trip, a lot of wildlife, many ducks, about a dozen muskrats, and 1/2 dozen deer, perhaps because it was almost dusk by the time I got off the river.This is about the exact same conditions I did this trip a few weeks ago, but the water seemed lower. I was scraping bottom quite a bit more, and had to get out at one place that I was able to navigate last trip. Still a great late fall trip for a short (1.75 hours) after work trip.
Yahara River – Deforest
Oct 26th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Just did the section from VMP to Innovation Drive,with a bike shuttle. The guage was at about 32cfs and 1.7 feet. I only did a short (1.5 hr) trip because I was not able to start until 4pm and it was dusk by the time I got off the river. I was still a great trip on probably one of the last 55+ days of the year. I have never done this trip below about 2 ft, as I read that was about the minimum for an enjoyable trip. While I had fun, I was scrapping bottom a lot and had to do a lot more maneuvering to keep from bottoming out and/or hitting rocks. This was a much more challenging trip than it is a 2 feet, but still very doable if you don't mind a bit of work and/or scraping up your boat. Also There is one small log jam that requires a sharp zig and a zag to get through, that I don't recall from the last time I went down. I didn't have the time to clean it up as it was getting dark
Badfish Creek
Oct 25th, 2017 | Dave Birren from Yahara River | Link
Caution: Always check the USGS gauge to see how fast Badfish is flowing. Normal summer flow is 100-150 cfs. At 200 cfs it starts getting to be fun. I paddled it once at 525 cfs and I needed every tool in my toolbox, in particular the backferry, to keep from getting slammed into the banks. At that level I'd say it was a solid Class II. Lots of fun, but if you don't have basic whitewater skills paddle the Yahara instead.
Koshkonong Creek
Oct 25th, 2017 | Dave Birren from Yahara River | Link
Maybe you're talking about the banks. I did notice that many of them looked quite muddy. But since we didn't have to portage there was no need to investigate their muddiness further. From the looks of several of them, raccoons are common.
Koshkonong Creek
Oct 23rd, 2017 | Dave Birren from Yahara River | Link
I paddled Kosh Creek on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. I had paddled part of it once before and wanted more, and I wasn't disappointed. My friend paddled bow in my Bell NorthStar (16'6") and we did just great. We put in at the nice little dock at Water St. There were quite a few nice riffles, plenty of obstacles to keep it interesting, and enough straight sections to enable us to stay hydrated. The creek requires some back-ferrying and setting turns to run a number of narrow slots, which makes it all the more interesting. I didn't notice much mud except at the take-out, but we took out at the riprap where the creek meets Hoopen Rd. It took us an hour and 40 minutes - fast, thanks to my friend's strong paddling. I look forward to paddling this stretch solo.
Token Creek
Oct 22nd, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra | Link
I've almost always paddled it in the afternoon so I don't think it was the sunlight, I suspect it was a combination of low water and dust from harvesting. I saw a mini dust devil in a soybean field that was being harvested on my bike shuttle. I may try it again on Monday
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Oct 22nd, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
I did the section from Olson Rd to the Wolf Run trail head, with a short easy bike shuttle. This would be a great trip for someone who wants to try some easy fun whitewater. I would have liked to do a longer paddle but I did it on a bit of a lark, as I had my dog with me so she had to run along on the bike shuttle. The Wolf Run trail was the perfect length, about 2 miles and it runs right from the take out to right behind The Wisconsin Heights High School, which is only 1/4 mile down Olson road from the put-in. The whole trip from dropping of the boat,driving to the end, biking back,paddling the creek, loading the boat, and driving back to get my bike took just over 2 hours. A great way to spend a 78 degree late Oct afternoon
Token Creek
Oct 20th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Just did this trip yesterday afternoon, 10/19, and was surprised with how different it was from all my previous trips. Low, slow and cloudy. It was an OK trip, but the water was nowhere near as clean and clear as before. I was surprised as I didn't think the levels/conditions changed this much on spring feed creeks.
Bark River – Delafield
Oct 19th, 2017 | Theresa Stegemann from Bark River | Link
Thank you so much Aaron for your very helpful review. Six of us paddled this segment (Delafield to 67) on 10/19/2017 (CFS 31.7, Height 12.70'). Our group enjoyed this paddle very much and plan to keep it in our regular rotation. We put-in at the Delafield post office (across the street from St John's park), which eliminated having to transport our kayaks 400' at St John's park. After shuttling the cars to Whitiker Lane (at the intersection of Whitiker and 67 (Summit)), we transported the drivers in one car back to St Johns park to leave the car there. The put-in and take-outs were easy to manage. We were able to find our way into the cattail area channel on Lower Nemahbin Lake quite easily. On the day we paddled, the channel was much wider that what you describe as a tunnel. There was an area in the cattail channel, just as we were approaching Crooked Lake, where we could go either left or right. We initially chose right, but a low bridge would have required a portage. We decided to backtrack and follow the left channel which had low bridges that we could squeeze under. We were fortunate on this particular day that we were able to scoot our kayaks over the new spillway dam at Sawyer Rd and the water level was shallow enough that we were able to squeeze under numerous low bridges. I am happy to report that not a single portage was necessary the entire distance. Our favorite aspects of this segment of the Bark is the intimate river feel, ever changing landscape, quick current, rock garden run and crystal clear water.
Blue River
Oct 15th, 2017 | Rich Bostwick from Rock River | Link
Hello! Thanks for bringing this wonderful waterway to my attention. We ran it today. Platte levels were @ 155 & we found that to be OK--no dragging, but a few bumps. Big deal. Can't wait to do another stretch. One small item--at the top of the post, it states the takeout to be Snow Bottom Road, should be Bowers Road. Love the pictures & video--very enticing! Thanks!!
Tomorrow River
Oct 5th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Can you take out at the bike trail?
Wisconsin River – Castle Rock
Oct 2nd, 2017 | Karen Schmit | Link
I can tell you exactly how to find the Castle Rock formation, and yes, there is a path! I walk around it very often, as it is located at the campground where I have my permanent site. I've seen Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Deer, turtles, snakes, otters, and more. There's even a few wolves that live up on "The Rock"...even a family of coyotes nearby that I often hear at night!
Mecan River – Upper
Oct 1st, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Forgot to mention that we had 14' kayaks, and did not feel they were too big, some sites and books I saw recommended against anything bigger than 13', I don't know about the lower sections but this section is totally doable in a 14'if you have have level of boat control.
Token Creek
Oct 1st, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
I simply love this trip,I have done it 4 times in the past 2 weeks, I only do the part from the springs to the pond at Token Creek Park, so it only takes about 2 hours and is an easy 15 min bike shuttle. The whole trip takes less than 3 hours including loading and unloading so I can do it after work and still be home for dinner! The crystal clear pools at the top by the springs are my personal highlight but the rest of the trip is rewarding with an abundance of wildlife, plants and varied scenery. There are currently 2 small obstacles, one is a very low duck-under of a creosote soaked snowmobile bridge, and the other is an easy lift over and can be done without getting your feet wet if you are nimble and can balance on a downed tree. I highly recommend this trip if you are in Madison and are short on time.
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Oct 1st, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
I did this section last weekend (9/23) and it was fantastic, water was clean and fast with no obstructions. The numerous wing dams had just enough drop to make it fun and exciting but still enjoyable and safe for my companion who had never kayaked before. There is a dedicated bike trail that runs from Mazo to right behind the High School that took us less than 15 mins, and is a perfect option for a bike shuttle so you only need one car. Had a great inexpensive lunch at a small cafe called the Base Camp Cafe on Brodhead Street in Mazo.
Mecan River – Upper
Oct 1st, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra Creek | Link
Just did this section yesterday, a few duck-unders, but otherwise it is clear all the way. The water was crystal clear and the fall colors were just starting to show. It should be spectacular in the coming weeks. We had bikes to do a bike shuttle but happened to stop in at Blader's Dakota Inn,and found someone who offered to give us a lift top the top for free (5-10 min drive). Blader's is just a few hundred feet from the JJ bridge, and is a good place to grab a burger and a beer and/or use the bathroom before or after a trip.
Bark River – Rome
Sep 19th, 2017 | Jack Manierre from Whitewater Lake | Link
I have kayaked the Bark on 3 different occasions. Saturday was our best trip. Put in Prince’s Point. Take out Burnt Village. Easy put in...gravel ramp. Take-out had improved concrete. Portapotty & picnick table at the take out. The bark has been cleared with no snags. 2 1/2 hrs-3 hrs. Mild current. No nearby farms or bridges crossing over the river. Abundant wildlife: eagle, cooper hawk, many blue herons, green herons aand kingfishers. Worth highlighting on the web site.
Black River – East Fork
Sep 10th, 2017 | Ryan from Rock river | Link
I have land off of Borek Rd and can tell you that there is no public access to the river without trespassing. The closest public access point to there is the next road to the west, which is Steponic Rd.
Kickapoo River – Rockton to La Farge
Sep 6th, 2017 | Gail from Wisconsin River | Link
I think if the river had been much lower than the 266 CFS, 3.63 ft, it may have been a challenge to past a lot of trees that were laying across the river, although it would have been easier to get under that one squeaker.
Kickapoo River – Rockton to La Farge
Sep 5th, 2017 | Gail | Link
Five of us did the run from Rockton to LaFarge September 5, 2017. CFS at La Farge USGS 05408000 was 266, river depth 3.63 ft. We did the 10 miles in 3 hrs. 10 mins. with no stops. Portable toilets were at both the put in and take out. We moved along nicely with no log jams, although 2 miles from the take out, one tree crossed the river, and we just squeaked under it. All in all, the unparalleled beauty of Wisconsin is showcased on this section of the Kickapoo River. We'll be back.
Badfish Creek
Sep 4th, 2017 | Marsha Cohen | Link
Oops, sorry for the duplicate posting. I didn't think the first one went through as I messed up on the "I am not a robot" verification
Badfish Creek
Sep 4th, 2017 | Marsha Cohen from Yahara | Link
I did this today & enjoyed the challenge of swift current with light rapids. It took me just over 2 hours. The 5 mile bike shuttle on country roads was fine. And at the take out, there is a wooden ladder--how cool is that?!
Mukwonago River
Sep 4th, 2017 | Jonathan Beers from Starkweather | Link
Paddled Rainbow Springs Golf Resort access road off LO to Hwy I on Sept. 3, 2017. USGS Gauge was at 73 CFS, which meant getting out of kayaks for at least one bridge. On the plus side, it made the wild rice beds more navigable, with wider channels and clearer water movement to follow. Only had to punch through thick rice a few times.
Badfish Creek
Sep 4th, 2017 | Marsha Cohen | Link
I did this today, and really enjoyed it. It was challenging (as noted in the report: swift current, some shallow areas, light rapids and sharp turns) but a good skill builder. And there's a wooden ladder at the take out--how cool is that!!
Badfish Creek
Sep 3rd, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra creek | Link
Aaron, The Badfish is great with a canoe, there is always enough water, but you will have to be good at controlling the boat to avoid obstacles and shallow spots.
Pecatonica River – East Branch
Sep 2nd, 2017 | Chris from Black Earth Creek | Link
Attempted Highway 39 to Blanchardville on September 2, 2017. Encountered Five complete blockages before McKenna Road where we called it quits. Recommend avoiding this section.
Submit a Trip
Aug 29th, 2017 | Eric G. from Yahara | Link
Hi, I just did a short bike/paddle trip on the Sugar (Riverside-Paoli) it was a great trip but I would like to extend it and I was looking into Badger Mill Creek. starting at Bruce Street in Verona, under the highway and on to the confluence with the Sugar and then down to Paoli. I checked out the sections I could drive to and it looked fairly doable.Looking at google maps it looks as if there are a couple of (low?) farm bridges and maybe some fences... Do you know if anyone has tried it?
Popular Fox River trail closed
Aug 29th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra | Link
Hi, I just did a short bike/paddle trip on the Sugar (Riverside-Paoli) it was a great trip but I would like to extend it and I was looking into Badger Mill Creek. starting at Bruce Street in Verona, under the highway and on to the confluence with the Sugar and then down to Paoli. I checked out the sections I could drive to and it looked fairly doable.Looking at google maps it looks as if there are a couple of (low?) farm bridges and maybe some fences... Do you know if anyone has tried it?
Mecan River – Upper
Aug 25th, 2017 | Marsha from Yahara | Link
I did this trip today from 11th St. to 14th Ave. with a bike shuttle. The paddle was about 7 miles and took me 2 1/2 hours. It was such a wonderful place! Thank you for your write up, it encouraged me to try this river. I was able to navigate the hairpin turns, riffles, and dead fall in my 10 foot kayak.
Baraboo River – La Valle
Aug 19th, 2017 | Gail from Wisconsin River | Link
Any idea how the Lazy Beaver Canoe and Kayak Race turned out today? Thanks.
Yahara River – Deforest
Aug 18th, 2017 | Eric G. from Wingra | Link
8/18/17 Just did the paddle/bike shuttle on this section, with a level of about 2.25 ft. I would agree that any shallower would mean a lot of scrapping and hanging up in the shallow riffles, This section is great trip with a good mix of quite water, riffles, and a few drops, with a pretty bike shuttle at the end. I cleared out 2 small jams, there is still one place I had to scoot my kayak under a log while I climbed over, and another that I cleared out a passage way, but there is still a big sweeper to deal with.
Baraboo River – La Valle
Aug 18th, 2017 | Gail from Wisconsin River | Link
Six of us put in today starting in LaValle. We had planned to go to Reedsburg. USGS 05405000 was 463 CFS and the gauge reported 8.6 ft. Fun rapids right off the bat and a few trees in the water downstream, but nothing we couldn't get past. At the railroad bridge about 2.5 miles into the paddle, however, there was a log jam with very steep, muddy banks on either side. We turned around and went back to the takeout about 100 yards below the Hwy. 58 bridge. A little disappointing that we didn't make it all the way to Reedsburg. We will try again from Co. V to Reedsburg soon.
Rocky Run Creek – Hwy 51
Aug 12th, 2017 | Bob from Hwy. 51 at Rocky R7 entry | Link
I live at that entry point. I am amazed at how many people try this paddle. Years ago my son and I did it twice at the same time....First and Last. It is a miserable low water one must literally pull yourself through mud and not more than inches of flowing water below VJ bridge...nettles galore if you portage...just today I suggested to a group of five with one canoe that they should reconsider as two of the five were small kids. A more interesting trip is from the next road east which is dunning to the bridge over hwy. 51...winding through aldershot and open but many oxbow bit it has been cleared out and is smooth paddling
Lemonweir River – 19th Ave to HH
Aug 9th, 2017 | Marilyn | Link
My husband and I are doing that segment tomorrow and was good to read your post...especially about the mosquitoes 😀 2 years ago we put in at HH and took out at Holiday Shores on the Wis River near the Dells which we enjoyed. Thanks again!
Nine Springs Creek
Aug 9th, 2017 | Eric G. from Yahara Creek | Link
I just did a spring to spring paddle today (8/9/17), put in at the J and K preserve, and headed up stream about 3/4 of a mile to another big spring area just off the Capitol City bike trail, I then turned around and floated back past the preserve and on to the other spring area, and then up stream back to the preserve. Other than a few small "scootable"snags and one small log jam in the area upstream from the preserve, it was a great trip. I only had to get out of the boat once to pull it over the log jam. With a little work it would be a very nice trip. Lots of birds and wildlife.
Lemonweir River – 19th Ave to HH
Aug 7th, 2017 | Gail from Wisconsin River | Link
Five of us did the section from 19th to HH on August 7, 2017. Our Garmin reported 11.4 miles. We did it in 3.5 hours of paddle time, which does not include breaks. Very slight breeze. All in all a friendly run, with a fair number of downed trees, but nothing we couldn't get around or under. CFS was 379, gauge height 4.85 ft at the New Lisbon USGS station. Smooth paddling all the way, it was easy to corner around sandbars. Best of all, few if any mosquitoes!!
Pewaukee River
Aug 5th, 2017 | Mike from Pewaukee River | Link
Kayaked today at 56 cfm. The water level is significantly higher than the last time I paddled it on July 3rd when the flow was 85+ cfm. Severe storms in mid-July caused flooding that piled up trees and debris to create about 3 "dams" that are keeping the water level up. The water was fast and the rapids were awesome. No scraping on rocks at all. There are several 1-2 ft drops now. A couple spots where I had to scoot my boat over logs in the river. There are a few notable dangerous spots: 1. I94 BRIDGE: A large tree blocking 80% of the width at the start of the bridge where it splits into two sections. Stay far left and go slow. The water is very high under the bridge. At the end my head was maybe 6 inches from the ceiling when I leaned as far forward as I could. A canoe would not have made it under today. 2. NEAR STEINHAFELS: Theres a downed tree that bridges across the whole river. Your boat could potentially get stuck under it if you aren't careful. Portage left. 3. REDFORD BLVD BRIDGE: Do not go in the right channel. It is not 100% blocked and there's a 2 ft drop that looks fun but there is a downed tree that would smack you in the face if you try that side. Go left and portage over the downed tree. One more note: the alt access on Riverside Drive is public. There is now a sign saying Riverside Canoe Launch.
Sheboygan River – Johnsonville
Aug 3rd, 2017 | Gary Mulder | Link
Aaron, Have you ever kayaked the Sheboygan River from the Sheboygan Marsh Park to Kiel WI? It looks like it would a great paddle and it looks like a take out on Water street in Kiel a block before the dam. 5 miles as the crow flies, maybe? I get my Remix XP10 tomorrow. :) Thanks for the advice on a kayak. Gary M.
Lawrence Creek
Aug 2nd, 2017 | Elsbeth Hamilton from Lawrence Creek | Link
Definitely do not recommend river tubing for the majority of this creek due to the downed trees, but it sure is fun! We lost 2 tubes out of 5 but mainly due to some branches that were avoidable. Strongly recommend getting out at the Eagle Ave bridge since it's a nice easy spot to get out. Any closer to the lake, and you may encounter some really shallow areas. Have not attempted to kayak the route, but plan to in the future. The rapids are very minor but fun in tubes, I can only imagine in a kayak! The creek is VERY cold because it is spring fed, so I personally recommend going on a hot summer day. We saw some young trout, which was pretty neat. Watch out for some of the plants though since there are some sharper ones that could scratch. All in all, a great trip. We went between the two parking lots for the fishing area and the Eagle Ave bridge.
Baraboo River – City Section
Jul 31st, 2017 | Gail from Wisconsin River | Link
Three of us kayaked this section from Giese Park to Hwy 113 take out July 31, 2017. Water was running at 995 CFS, gauge height was 10.95 ft. The 7-mile trip took us about 3 hours of easy to moderate but steady paddling. Rapids were quite doable, there were no log jams, and it was a wonderful run. The concrete take-out at Hwy 113 had about 4 - 6 ins. of mud on it due to recent flooding. Kinda nasty.
Fox River – Portage
Jul 27th, 2017 | Marsha Cohen from Yahara River | Link
I did this on 7/26/17; water was high but it didn't matter for this slow moving river. The 5 miles took me 2 hours. Cloudy sky was good as you are quite exposed to the sun. Because of the high water, the little rapid wasn't there, so I missed my 5 second whitewater experience! The smell from the canal went away once you passed it. I did a bike shuttle. Thanks for the write up above; I'll have to do more of the Fox. It was a great trip!
Platte River – Hwy A
Jul 25th, 2017 | Ken Hollern from Rush River | Link
Hi, This may be off subject, but I noticed your references of cows and fences crossing the river. Do you have any insight on the legality of this? If the river is technically public land, can cattle and fences have free access? I live right next to the Rush River in Western Wisconsin, which is heavily used for kayaking and fishing. A local farmer has his land adjacent to a long stretch of river. He freely lets his cows have access and has strung live electric fence across river. However, the biggest concern is he has put a bull in with the cows creating a very dangerous situation for unwitting river users.
Crystal River
Jul 23rd, 2017 | Tina from Milwaukee | Link
My family has enjoyed doing the Crystal River canoe trip through Ding's Dock for many many years. We are city folk who just like to have a fun few hours on the river each summer without any investment. We enjoy the challenge of navigating the rapids without tipping over or getting stuck, and stopping for ice cream at that old general store halfway through the trip. We loved how easy it was with the drop off/pick up they did. This year we learned that Ding's Dock is no longer doing the canoe trips on weekends unless you have a group of 20+. Do you know of any other places that do something similar on the Crystal River? Or is there another similar trip somewhere else in WI, within 3 hours drive of Milwaukee? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
Eau Claire River (Chippewa Tributary)
Jul 22nd, 2017 | Rebecca from Eau Claire | Link
Thanks for the great review and beautiful pictures. It's really helpful!
Wolf River – Hollister
Jul 19th, 2017 | Stacie Kenney from Fox River | Link
Thanks so much for this very in depth review! My family's cabin is in Summit Lake, not too far from Pearson. We have kids and plan to take them kayaking along the Pearson to Lily route, so I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
Badfish Creek
Jul 18th, 2017 | Rick | Link
I've used my Mad River solo on this stretch, plus other sections many times over the years. Love it. Just enough of a challenge.
Badfish Creek
Jul 15th, 2017 | Dan of Madison from Yahara | Link
Curious if anyone has taken a canoe down this stretch. Doable?
Neenah Creek – Oxford
Jul 13th, 2017 | Jim from Brooks | Link
Heading out tomorrow. Thanks!
Cedar Creek
Jul 12th, 2017 | Michael from Desplaines River, IL | Link
Hi, Do you know of any where to rent kayaks near Cedarburg, WI? Thank you, Michael
Neenah Creek – Oxford
Jul 12th, 2017 | Jim Sako from Mcginnis Lake | Link
Mcginnis lake is the start of Neenah Creek. This beautiful 28 acre lake provides over 600 gallons of water per minute to the creek. Anyway being new to kayaking we've only paddled around our lake and now are looking to get a little more adventurous. (we just purchased your book) Looking to do the lower creek dropping in a Chauncey St. but are afraid the trip to County "A" will be too much for us. Do you recall if it is possible to pull out at the Fox Rd. overpass? This point appears to be lees than 1/2 of your trip. Thank you for the wonderful and informative information of your trips. we hope to utilize your experiences and knowledge of these local areas. -- Edit and Update: We dropped in at Chauncy Street and everything was going wonderful until we ran into a large amount of downed trees that had fallen from last week's unconfirmed tornado. The creek became inpassible after about a quarter mile. On to the next adventure. We're going to drop in Goose Lake and paddle around there for a while.
Fond du Lac River
Jul 11th, 2017 | Gary Mulder from N Fond du Lac | Link
I am 60 years old and would love to kayak the Fond du lac River but don't want to go alone. Anyone interested?
Little Wolf – Hwy BB
Jul 5th, 2017 | Jamee Hubbard from Plover River | Link
Correction to my last submission: the drop was not with the Hwy B bridge but instead was before Hwy 110. There is an island there, with rapids and a drop on both sides, with the right (west) side seeming more wide open and more easily navigable and the left side having more boulders to navigate.
Little Wolf – Hwy BB
Jul 5th, 2017 | Jamee Hubbard from Plover River | Link
We paddled the Little Wolf with our 7 and 10 year olds, from Manawa to Hwy 54. Manawa was a great easy put-in; Hwy 54 has a trail on the SW side of the bridge that leads to a small road-side park. We had to carry our kayaks up the trail, which is fairly steep. We were new to rapids, and our kids were new to maneuvering around boulders. The kids had been on plenty of inland lakes and a pretty easy section (Iverson Park to McDill Pond) of the Plover River before, so we thought that they (and we) were ready for that next step. There was a sizable (for us) drop under Hwy 10 that we didn't expect, so we didn't take chances with the kids and decided to portage it. There is an island there, with rapids and a drop on both sides, with the right (west) side seeming more wide open and more easily navigable and the left side having more boulders to navigate. On the next set of small rapids, not associated with a bridge, one of our kids panicked (it was our first time navigating any rapids), and he ended up against a rock and capsized his kayak. One of us was able to wade through the water (not too fast for this) and get him and his kayak. Bilge pump was very handy! My 7 year old did fine, but by sheer luck! As we paddled through the slower areas, we talked more about looking farther ahead and what to look for to determine where to go through the rapids. On the next couple of rapidy areas, they did a great job, better than me, even! I would say for kids that mostly like a relaxing paddle and fishing but enjoys the occasional excitement of small rapids, this is a great spot, but for kids that like that adrenaline rush (my 7 year old) and get bored with too much flat water paddling, this river is almost too sluggish. He enjoyed the rapids and maneuvering around boulders but got bored on the slow parts. It was also a long paddle for kids. Even my other kid that likes the relaxing steady paddling was getting tired by the time we got to Hwy 54. Just an FYI, our kids were using 8 foot Pelicans that originally had no foot braces, but we installed aftermarket foot braces in them to give them more leverage. I think without these, the kids would not have been able to do this entire river. These little 8 foot kayaks are obviously not the most expensive kayaks, but for our kids, we have found them to be stable, trustworthy, and very easy to maneuver around boulder fields and through rapids (with foot-braces were installed). As far as OUR (the parents') experience, we though the river was really beautiful, the rapids and riffles were fun (and we now have the confidence to do the first drop next time), and the 8 miles and 3 1/2 hours was just right for us recreational kayakers (but we paddle every weekend). My arms were getting a bit tired by the time we got to Hwy 54. It was a great first experience for anyone new to rapids. I hope this helps anyone considering this part of the Little Wolf River, especially with kids! I also forgot to mention that the river gauge was at 433 c.f.s., which worried me, but it ended up being just fine.
Black Earth Creek – Walking Iron
Jul 4th, 2017 | gaila hagg olsen from black earth wi | Link
OK...please note that John's Landing is now available at Walking Iron Park for a put-in and has space for about 15 cars to park. Good spot to put in. However, John's Landing to Blynn road is still a work in progress. Very hard to keep clear plus the farmers have some issues with trees being cut, etc. It shall improve once the crops are out and we can get in to the creek from the fields. BUT now for the fun update: today 7 of us spent 5 hours with john boat/kayaks/hand saws/ chainsaw/loppers/ etc and cleared from Blynn down to the Wis River. It is totally navigable. There are trees to skirt around but all are do-able. Also we cut back many of the overhanging branches and managed to loosen some of the floating logs. So...go have fun. Gaila and Gary Olsen Black Earthlings along with 5 Mazomites!!
Bark River – Delafield
Jul 3rd, 2017 | Allison Curty from Bark River | Link
Hi, we took the canoe along this stretch today, this guide and photos were really helpful so thank you. We put in at Sawyer Rd. just below the dam, and took out at Summit/67. The water was high and fast and there were more bridges than I remember from the last time we paddled this. We passed easily under some, VERY narrowly squeaked under two more but had to portage three, including one that required a steep bank climb and descent, and the final (the farm bridge at the end) that required us lifting the canoe straight up and over and straight down, which was challenging for me and my kiddos. The rains have left a lot of downed trees and branches also, making navigation a little challenging in parts. We will look into the Delafield stretch next time, maybe taking out at Sugar Island. Anyway, thanks again for the info and the photos. Happy 4th!
Sugar River
Jul 3rd, 2017 | LBkayaker | Link
This is a really nice river to paddle. The only reason I give it 4.5 instead of 5 stars is the put-in at Bobcat Rd. It is extremely muddy, and not a lot of room to maneuver. We hired Kelly from Sugar River Outfitters LLC to shuttle us with our Eddyline kayaks to Bobcat Rd. He is prompt and professional, and very knowledgeable about the river and the area. Volunteers clean up the river, so one can easily maneuver around some downed trees. The current is good, and the water deep enough so that we didn't have to get out and portage. It is approximately 8 miles from put-in to take-out in the village of Paoli. The best part of the trip is that upon take out you can have a beer and listen to music on the patio at the Hop Garden Tap Room ! It doesn't get any better than that! Put-in: Bobcat Road Take-out: Paoli Time: 3.5 Hours Date Paddled: 07/02/2017 Depth: 3 feet
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Jul 2nd, 2017 | Gaila from Black Earth Creek | Link
For the folks who want to put in at the Shoe Box Landing, it won’t exactly be smooth sailing down to Olson Road…the cattle figured out how to get through our kayak gates that we had installed. What we did last week (after having to remove the gates and pull the cattle fence back into position across the width of the creek) was to put some i-bolts and wire in on the right side fence posts and if you want to get through…you just get out of your kayak (the water is shallow there with a firm base) unhook the double latches from the wire to the fence…bend over a wee bit, push your kayak through….close up the latches and then repeat the process for the second fence. This is pretty easy now considering that originally we would have to go on our stomach and scoot through. Impossible to do in high water. The best alternative thois just to put in at Olson Road and you won’t have to deal with any fences all the way down to John’s Landing. We are suggesting this route until we can improve the fence and reintroduce the kayak pvc gates. Kows before Kayaks. Gaila and Gary: Black Earthlings.
Baraboo River – City Section
Jul 2nd, 2017 | Jennifer Sellek from Black Earth Creek | Link
My husband and I did from Haskins Park to the Glenville landing at Hwy 113 last week. It was fantastic! The rapids through Baraboo were fun and the river was flowing fast. We did the trip in an hour. Our average speed (according to cell phone GPS) was 4.1mph and our fastest was 5.5mph. Something new to note is that there is a handicap accessible kayak/canoe ramp on the dock at Haskins Park. Very cool! We noticed it after we put in just upstream of the dock. I took a picture of it. If you want one to post on your site let me know and I'll email it to you. Thanks again for a great site!
Black Earth Creek – Walking Iron
Jul 2nd, 2017 | Jennifer Sellek from Black Earth Creek | Link
My husband and I did this section this spring when the creek was very high. We had to portage about 6 times (lost count!) but hopefully the jams are cleared now. Just a few updates for you: There is a new bridge at the put in at Walking Irons park and the banks are very rocky from the new construction, my guess is to prevent erosion. All of the brush has been removed on both sides of the creek which looks great. On the south side of the creek, just downstream of the bridge, an "official" put in has been created and marked! The swing gates at Morrill Road bridge were gone at the time we paddled through. Don't know if it's just seasonal or if they're gone for good. This is a fantastic website and has been invaluable to my husband and me as we are novice paddlers. Thanks!
Plover River
Jun 29th, 2017 | Mike Heinrich from Hatley/Plover River | Link
Hi, I am a resident of the village of Hatley. I am developing a website for the village and would like to quote some of your content from this page and link to this article. Would this be OK? Thank you! Mike Heinrich
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Jun 28th, 2017 | Austin from yellow river/mill creek | Link
ah looks like i found it over on milespaddled Mormon Creek, Oehler Cave or whatnot. Looks like a crummy paddle unfortunately. On the flipside I stumbled across your review of Bridge Creek that looks neat-o. Where ya paddling this weekend??
Submit a Trip
Jun 28th, 2017 | Austin from yellow river/mill creek | Link
Hello, Way too long time no comment! You reviewed a trip once where there is a cavern/cave/arch that you can paddle through. I've been searching your reviews to no avail. I thought/figured it was in the driftless area but didn't find it in any of those... Surely you know what im talking about? I certainly hope so! I do believe its the only feature on any river quite like that; it was fairly sandstoney i do believe. Thanks for all the reviews!!!
Fond du Lac River
Jun 24th, 2017 | Aaron from Puchayan | Link
We did this trip today and the water was super fast! We used our whitewater kayaks and it took us less than 2 hours to do. We were really nervous about running into strainers or log Jams, but the run was actually very clear beside a few branches hanging in your face. Thanks for the help on making our trip happen!
Sheboygan River – Johnsonville
Jun 21st, 2017 | Jon | Link
Did the 9.5 from Falls to Esslingin Park. Beautiful and great 3 hour downstream paddle two portages. Great idea, thanks.
Yahara River – Deforest
Jun 14th, 2017 | Jamie from Yahara River | Link
Sorry, I wrote my comment 2 times. For some reason I thought that it didn't accept the first one but I just noticed now that my comment yesterday is actually on here now. I took out at Linden Dr. (which is right as you've gone past the golf course). It's also right before the Interstate bridge. If you go past that take out I think you will run into a section that's choked with blockages. You could possibly take out at one of the roads by the clubhouse but to do the whole section the only takeout is Linden Dr. Feel free to delete one of my comments if you'd like.
Yahara River – Deforest
Jun 14th, 2017 | Jamie from Yahara River | Link
Thank you for your write up on this section of the Yahara. I've really enjoyed paddling this section quite a few times now since they started clearing away the blockages a few years ago. I'm surprised you enjoyed the trip at 1.3'. I always keep an eye on the Windsor Golf Course gage after a good rain and my minimum I will make the trip is 1.7'. I know that's only .4'higher but I've found it makes a huge difference. I've paddled this stretch under lots of different depths and found the sweet spot to be 2 feet to 2.75'. I'll paddle anything down to 1.75 but have found that there are too many shallow rocky spots you get hung up on if you go at the normal depth which is about 1.2-1.5'. If it goes much above 3' also I've found that it's a little too fast for my taste since you still need to navigate around boulders and other obstacles. It's a fun little river though. Hope you can get out when it's above 2'. Just keep your eye on the gage after a good rain and make sure to get out there before it recedes (usually within about 24 hours). By the way, I've also done the Lake Windsor Golf Course section. I found it to be a lot of fun. There are some branches to dodge in the early part but I never had to get out of my kayak. I would suggest getting out at Linden Dr. since I hear there is quite a bit of downed trees between the Interstate and Hwy. 19. Not sure if anyone will ever be able to clear those out but I don't think it's maintained at this point. I've heard the Hwy 19- Cherokee Marsh section isn't too bad. Thanks again for your review. I've really enjoyed this section of river but it's got to be done at the right level.
Little Wolf River
May 31st, 2017 | James Welch | Link We are open hope to save you the shuttle hassle $2 a mile $10 to wolf river rd.
Map of Reviewed Water Trails
May 29th, 2017 | Steve from St. Louis | Link
I've got a group of guys that go on a 3 day float trip every year. We've done the Buffalo River and Upper Iowa floats. Looking to explore into Wisconsin now as well. Looks like the Wisconsin River might be our best bet based on drive time (need to stay south of the Dells). What section would you suggest floating? We would prefer scenery and fishing over a big party.
Castle Rock Creek
May 28th, 2017 | Jennie Lanzendorf from Wisconsin River (Spring Green) | Link
My wife & I just kayaked this creed today (5/27/17) after your blog was shared on Facebook by The River Alliance. Please note THERE ARE NOW TWO FENCES ACROSS THE CREEK between the put-in at Church Rd and the first highway bridge. The first was just after the I-beam that you (and we) had to portage over. It was barbed wire and fortunately located on a calm patch of water, and relatively easy to (carefully) navigate beneath. Around the next turn there were cows in the water -- not inherently dangerous, but very large and easily startled by our boats--got a little stampede-ey. A ways farther on we came to the second fence across the creek, which APPEARED TO BE ELECTRIC. This was unfortunately located right above the start of some fast-moving water. Taking no chances, we got into the water and walked our boats underneath it. After that the paddle was a lot of fun, with plenty of good riffles to keep us attentive. It was a little higher, I think, than when you posted this review - the Black Earth Creek gauge was at 111 CFS that morning. The gnats, however, were terrible on the slower stretches. Anyway, thanks for the review pointing us to this fun little creek, but please update your blog to include the fences across the creek. I would recommend putting in at the next highway bridge instead of Church Road. Thanks
Pecatonica River – East Branch
May 20th, 2017 | Steve from Yahara | Link
Paddled Hollandale to Blanchardville 5/19/17. Many downed trees along the way. If water was any lower we would have been dragging boats over trees, thankfully we were able to slip over them. Really nice few hours spent on the river, looking forward to doing other sections of the Pecatonica.
Illinois Fox
May 14th, 2017 | Dave Meyers from Menominee | Link
A: I have a little experience with the Illinois Fox North of River Road (Mitchel Park). I've paddled the length of Mitchel and also a bit further north. This afternoon the water was high but slow as my 8yr old and I paddled our canoe about 1.5 miles upstream from Capitol Ave. before drifting back to Mitchel. There are several submerged snags but no strainers, log jams, rapids or other dicey obstacles. Didn't drop ft as far as the River Road bridge, but suspect it may not be passable at high water. There is a tall flat hill with pvc venting north of Capitol to the east of the river. Looks like an old landfill. The water clarity was mediocre, and there were lots of vegetation debris on the banks. This entire wetland is a giant storm water managment structure for local municipalities. Plenty of wildlife. Many water fowl. 2-3 nests of ducklings and geese. 2 pair of Herons. Large muskrat lodge north of Capitol bridge. I'll explore more carefully when time permits and try to contribute a trip summary. Dave
Shuttles and Rentals
May 6th, 2017 | Ryan from Spring Green | Link
Hi Aaron, I just wanted to let you know we have a new location covering the Baraboo River and would appreciate listing it. Also, I noticed the link for our main location on the Lower Wisconsin seems to be broken. Thanks! Ryan Wisconsin Canoe Company - Baraboo 1660 Water St. Baraboo, WI (608) 729-3383
Waupaca River – Buchholz Road
Apr 26th, 2017 | Aaron from Near Puchayan river | Link
My wife and I are looking for a few good spots to kayak with rapids... We just got whitewater kayaks and have been training to use them. Do you have any recommendations near puchayan that would be worth checking out? Thanks!
Castle Rock Creek
Apr 23rd, 2017 | Mythbusta from Coloma | Link
Looks like fun. Is this canoeable too or better for kayaks?
Beaver Dam River
Apr 22nd, 2017 | Mythbusta from Coloma | Link
We literally just paddled this! There's a book by Timothy Bauer that gave us the idea. Paddling Southern Wisconsin or something like that? You should get it, I bet you'd like it. Thanks agin, just brought back instant memories. It was such a fun trip. Sounds like we liked it more though. Ha ha ha. Take care!
Yahara River – Deforest
Apr 18th, 2017 | Diane from Token Creek | Link
Karl, thanks so much for your review! I frequently walk on the Yahara River corridor board walk (including just this morning), and every time I do, I look longingly at this pretty little stretch of the river and wonder how to catch it at just the right level for paddling. (I have read "after a heavy rain", but a little more specific info is always helpful.) Your review is the first time I've seen a minimum water level mentioned for this stretch, and I appreciate this website providing a direct link to the USGS gage. Thanks to all!
Mirror Lake
Apr 17th, 2017 | Heidi Hammitt from Plover | Link
Is there a map available for kayaking at Mirror Lake? Is it easy to go down and come back, or do you need 2 vehicles ready to drop off/pick up? How long roughly is it to kayak the area?
Big Slough
Apr 16th, 2017 | Rick Falk from Neenah Creek, WI | Link
I now own ancestral land that borders the Neenah Creek, and the Big Slough has been a friend to me for 30+ years now.Thank you for the awesome history lesson! I had no idea...I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.
Pewaukee River
Apr 15th, 2017 | Cody from Fox River (Muskego) | Link
Super fun paddle in 55 CFS (12.90 gage height) nothing blocking the river just small sticks and logs to go over. I started at the Elm st. Park and had to almost lay down and use my hands under Oakton bridge, not a problem for me. There were a couple other bridges, including under 94 that I had to use my hands to guide me through, really no problem at the exit of the underpass though just had to lay low. Upon the rapids, amazing! A little water in the boat but navigate-able. Took out at the 'Wonderland Tap' and stopped in for a beer. Really nice staff let me keep the kayak behind the bar while I bike shuttled back to my car. 4.5 star rating for this one!
Castle Rock Creek
Apr 11th, 2017 | Chris Ciechanowski from Green Bay | Link
Just wanted to say your website is awesome and much appreciated!
Upper Dells – 2
Apr 10th, 2017 | Sam Peterson from Eau Claire - Chippewa River | Link
For the last few weeks my partner and I were planning a paddle on the Wisconsin River. We had seen a few beautiful photos online from the water, including the glens like Witches Gulch and Coldwater Canyon, and knew we needed to check this place out. Your blog post was BY FAR the most helpful resource we could find! There's so little information out there about this waterway... and not unintentionally, I think. The boat tour industry certainly seems to have a monopoly on the area. Thank you so very much for all the photos and detail you provided about this trip. We went this past Friday and I already want to go back. By the way, the take-out beside Blackhawk Island is indeed inaccessible now. We went to check it out first and a fence has been built there. Ironically, when we pulled up with our kayaks atop the car, a gentlemen waved us down and told us about how he'd enjoyed this paddle many times, but on his most recent trip, he actually got arrested for trespassing at the landing. What a ridiculous shame, in my opinion. You'd think law enforcement would have higher priorities to attend to. Anyways, I digress. The river was even more gorgeous than we thought it would be. Thanks again for your resource, it was a fantastic help!
Big Eau Pleine River
Apr 4th, 2017 | Jeremy from Big Eau Pleine | Link
Great review and amazing pictures. Got into kayaking last year after my girlfriend got me a kayak. Which i also bought a house just south of Cherokee park which the river runs right through the back yard. So plenty of opportunity to run the river north of big rapids. During a big rain in August 2016 I put in 10 miles north of Cherokee on the river, 1 mile north of Hwy A that runs to Dorchester. Much smaller "creek" normally, but with the rains it was flowing great. Going through cow-fields and watching out for barb wire fencing going across the river made it interesting. A nice lazy, curvy river, through fields and woods that you normally wouldnt be able to go in. There is also another dam halfway between Hwy A and Hwy 29 that you need to go over. The closer you get to Cherokee Park the more rapids are encountered. The high water made it relatively easy, much lower and it would be challenging (I dont know what height it was at when I ran it). Between 29 and Cherokee park There are 3-4 sets of much larger rapids. Hiking north in Cherokee park along the river and you can see 2 areas that are a boulder field. Made it right over the dam at Cherokee under the watchful eyes of about 20 Mennonites that were having a get-together at the park that day. Then south of Cherokee park there is about a 500' stretch of another boulder field. Navigable only in higher waters. Also where I tipped over right at the end of the rapids. From that point I've traveled to March Rapids park many times and Big Rapids park a handful of times. Also one time to Hwy M. Very nice stretch of water from Cherokee to Big Rapids. Many sets of easier rapids with sections of lazy river. Plenty of forest areas, a few rocky bluffs, but mostly mud or sand for sides and banks. Deer, turkey and eagles are seen quite a bit.
Tips & Tricks
Mar 23rd, 2017 | Bill Longe from Lake Redstone | Link
We've kayaked on the Wisconsin River where we put in at Prarie Du Sac and take out at Arena or Spring Green. We pay a guy at a canoe outfitter to drive out truck down to the take out landing, so it's there when we arrive 6 or 8 hours later. Easy to understand. I can't figure out on a small remote river, like many you go on where there is no help around, how to handle the logistics of getting the cars figured out. If you are 6 hours downriver from the put in point (and your car), how do you get back? Do you park a 2nd car at the takeout before you put in? Needing some guidance, thanks.
Map of Reviewed Water Trails
Jan 15th, 2017 | Mike Saxion from Little Miami River - Ohio | Link
My wife and I are looking for a nice 3 - 4 day canoe backpacking trip. Looking for a scenic river with lots to look at and the possibility of seeing wildlife. Need to be able to camp along the river each night. Would welcome any suggestions? Thanks Mike Saxion
La Crosse River – Onalaska
Nov 1st, 2016 | Timothy Bauer from | Link
Aaron, For what it's worth, I paddled the La Crosse River today (11/1/16) from Veterans Park to Riverside Park and there were no fewer than 4 serious obstructions. I cleared out and cleaned up what I could with pruners and a handsaw, but this trip would require a couple portages in high water, and those paddling a canoe would have a hell of a time. Sincerely, Timothy at
Rocky Run Creek – Hwy 51
Oct 25th, 2016 | Jon from Starkweather | Link
Paddled Rocky Run from 51 to Dekorra on Oct. 16, 2016. Even more log jams and very muddy portages than you reported. Fun and scenic in between jams, though. At high water levels you might have fewer portages.
Robinson Creek
Oct 23rd, 2016 | Jake from Eau Claire River | Link
I met the guy who works on the crews who keep Halls and Morrison free flowing while we were paddling Halls Creek. I didn't get information from him however it wouldn't surprise me if his group also cleans up Robinson. He mentioned that Morrison is navigable above Cemetery road for a few miles after they did some work, which may be the first time people were able to paddle down that section(his words not mine). He met us as we returned to our boats from our side creek adventure, their crew was working on the opposite side of Halls(anyone who paddles down Halls probably knows about this one, it is a pull over and explore up the stream sort of side adventure).
Bark River – Rome
Oct 6th, 2016 | Barry from Rock River | Link
We paddled yesterday from Slabtown to Cushman. It was very pleasant. We like it better than Princes Point to Rock River.
Robinson Creek
Sep 12th, 2016 | Denny Caneff from MADISON | Link
I just ran the creek today. People who fuss about deadfalls should take up bowling,or emigrate to Stalingrad, I guess. Deadfalls are part of the paddling experience. I ducked under a few with no problem, but had to portage two new-ish deadfalls that will challenge those who clean up the creek. (If those who do so get my email address, let me know and I will be most pleased to join you to go after these obstacles.)
Robinson Creek
Sep 1st, 2016 | A.D. Long from Yahara River | Link
Very pretty stream…BUT, loaded with log jams, deadfall, and numerous strainers. We ran this in late July 2016. We had to cut through three jams with an axe and a bow saw, and line the boats under a huge tree with less than 10 inches clearance beneath. Both boats dumped trying to dodge a strainer from the right bank and a large trunk extending about 12 feet from the left bank in less than 15 feet beyond in a current of about 4 knots. I had never dumped an open boat before in over 50 years of canoeing up to Class III rivers. Possibly the volunteers who opened up the holes in the older jams were overwhelmed by a lot of new dead fall. Who knows. Not much fun in Stalingrad.
Badfish Creek
Sep 1st, 2016 | Jessica Riphenburg from Madison | Link
This is a great guide- thank you! I love the photos & video.
Submit a Trip
Aug 8th, 2016 | Bonnie Senft from Burlington | Link
It was just what we wanted. A short paddle before dinner. Easy parking and water access.
Sheboygan River – Johnsonville
Jul 18th, 2016 | Scott from Sheboygan River | Link
Found your site when googling for some info on kayaking the Sheboygan River. So glad I did. Very helpful. I followed your exact route on July 16, 2016, and had an enjoyable time. River was shallow and I scraped the bottom more than I'd have liked, but still happy I did this. Maybe go in spring next time when it's deeper. Thanks for creating and maintaining this site. Looking forward to trying some of your other trips in the future.
Yellow River – Necedah
Jul 11th, 2016 | River Roving Rats from Lemonweir River | Link
The River Roving Rats are a group of annual guests that canoe and kayak the Yellow River and the Lemonweir River in Juneau County. This group enjoy the many sand bars that are on these two rivers and spend at least an 8 hour day enjoying the scenic beauty and picnic opportunities. The group do encounter fallen trees and at times have to portage. The trip is mostly scenic and very wilderness and wild like! This trip is usually best when the river flows are lower. We always stress whatever you take on the trip you return with. I supply garbage disposal upon their return. Several guests choose to pick up any litter or snagged fishing lines, lures etc... Contact: Country Cruisin' Kayaks & Canoes at or 608-548-4280 We have been in business over 20 years.
Pine River – Far Upper
Jul 5th, 2016 | Lynn Brady from Peshtigo River | Link
We just returned from this float - RockBridge to AA. Awesome trip July 3rd, 2016 - we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Water level was good, obstacles in the river had been cleared to allow passage. Our party consisted of two fifty something years olds - that are relatively experienced on the water, and two thirty year olds that are of the adventurous sort. There were enough twists and turns around obstacles to keep the younger fellas interested, and the current was forgiving enough that navigational mistakes could be overcome. Beautiful scenery, limestone formations, flora and fauna. Downside is the farm run-off. The water is filthy, with chunks of cow feces observed floating by. I wouldn't recommend attempting this trip with any kind of open wound or sore. It must be noted that the folks responsible for clearing tangles and blockages on the river have done an exemplary job! Without their hard work, this river would be virtually impassable. Hats off to the folks at Pine River Paddle and anyone else who has committed to this endeavor!
Wisconsin River – Prairie du Sac Dam
Jul 1st, 2016 | Karl K from Yahara | Link
I disagree with the statement "You can subdivide this segment into two legs". Because the Arena takeout is on the south side of the river, on River Road, it's a 36-minute drive to shuttle between Arena and Ferry Bluff -- more than going all the way back to Sauk City!
Yahara River – Deforest
Jun 25th, 2016 | Karl K | Link
June 2016 update: I have just gone through the trail with the volunteers from Capitol Water Trails and they have chainsawed down all the blockages and dragged the logs up on the bank. So it's a clear paddle!
Upper Dells – 1
Jun 22nd, 2016 | Sharon Shepherd from Chattahoochee river | Link
Hi, We are headed to the dells this july. I notice you say that we can access Standing Rock &another cool site via a road for a small fee. I cannot find any information on how to do that. Can you direct me to a site that would help? Loved your photos and greatly appreciate your detailed info. Best, sharon Shepherd
Spring Creek – Lodi
Jun 16th, 2016 | Karl K from Yahara | Link
I just ran the rapids in section 2 at 5.5 feet after a rain and pulled out after the sanitation plant. 5.5 feet is amazing for waves and dips -- very little scraping, nice speed. I ran it twice (it only takes 15 minutes) and next time I think I will take someone to ferry me back to the start and do it several times. There were a couple fallen trees to steer around. I was not quite worried about being pinned on them as strainers, but a bit faster and I would have been. I took out so early because I was worried about getting swept against those cow fences, but in hindsight it wasn't that fast. However, there are a ton of deadfalls everywhere I've been recently and I didn't want to deal.
Tips & Tricks
Jun 14th, 2016 | Kim Pence from Tomorrow River | Link
I'm originally from Hancock Wisconsin and now live in Plano, Texas. My favorite summertime activity was taking a canoe trip from Ding's Dock on the Crystal River. I am most interested in Tomorrow River, as my mom wrote and published the book Tomorrow River based on Tomorrow River Country. I am in the process of finishing the sequel to Tomorrow is a River and am working on maps of Tomorrow River country. Taking trip on Tomorrow River area week in June 2016. I would love to know who wrote the documentation on their tip of Tomorrow River and the photographs as it would be great to reference this information in my book. Thanks. Kim Pence
Eau Claire River – Dells Park
Jun 12th, 2016 | Jake from Plover river | Link
I want to say thanks for running such a great website! I recently did a float on the upper Eau Claire. We put in on the Langland County property at the corner of Ackley road and Spring Rd (north of hwy 64). This is actually the east branch of the Eau Claire. It was a little brushy and over grown with some ducking and quick turns required, defiantly passable. After the section with some ducking it cleared up quickly and eventually merged with the west branch near the golf course. Once you get passed the golf course much of the river has a closed canopy of mature trees. Very wild feel with few houses and only a few scattered farm fields. Plenty of wildlife along the way including plenty of deer and 5 great sightings of bald eagles sitting on the river canopy, many herons as well. All of the bridges were easy to float under with no problem. No significant Rapids only one small portion of heavy riffles south of bear lake road. The water level was plenty high on June 11th but we did just have a torrential down pour on June 10 We road the river for 8 hours ~ 12 miles and took out on the spring brook on Nolan drive ( dnr public access point). We opted for this take out because of the public access and to avoid the ledges that are just to the south. This take out is less then ideal and requires water shoes as you have to walk a very short while <100 yards in the spring brook due to super swift current and deadfall trees. Overall an EXCELLENT float if your in the Antigo area
Kickapoo River
Jun 8th, 2016 | Posie from Kickapoo River | Link
There were some gorgeous rock outcroppings here I forgot to talk about. Not so many as down from Ontario to La Farge...but pretty stunning.
Kickapoo River
Jun 7th, 2016 | Posie from Kickapoo River | Link
WILTON to NICOLETTE AVE. -- As part of wanting to kayak the Kickapoo from as far north as possible to the end, we did the upper-most bit on June 5. Wilton (from the campground/park) to Nicolette Avenue just north of NOW School took us 6 hours to go 7 miles, and it was exhausting/hilarious! I don't think it would be possible to go any further north, really. According to the United States Geological Survey Map, the water level at Ontario was 8.5 feet. It would be impossible to do this route any shallower, and would have been better to have done it deeper. That being said, I don't know how it would have affected passage through log jams. None of it was very deep, but it was rather dangerous in parts. It took a LOT of hard work to get through here. I am so very glad we did it!!! But, still, this is just a lot of hard physical labour. Lots of riffles. Kept getting caught on rocks and had to rock/drag with hands/poke with paddles to get yourself free. Or just get out and drag your boat. Some spots were dangerous with the currents and dead wood. Too many log jams to remember. We lot count. My husband twice had to climb out onto them and push his boat through and then drag mine through. I got out twice and hauled mine up a steep bank, through nettles and poison parsnip because I couldn't bear to do what he was doing. We did feel like Lewis and Clark! We knew we were seeing things not many people have seen, and it was beautiful...we loved the adventure of it all! However, this is NOT a part you want to do really unless you are just really wanting to do ALL of the Kickapoo.
Kickapoo River
Jun 4th, 2016 | Posie from Kickapoo River | Link
We live within miles of the Kickapoo, and have spent a lot of time on the part by us...Readstown through S. Up north we haven't spent as much time on, but we plan on doing the entire Kickapoo this summer. We don't go up there a lot because of the numbers of people. We have done Ontario through bridge 7, and lower Rockton (12?!?!) to La Farge. We will catch bridges 7 to 12 later. As we do pieces, I will add more. About Ontario to 7...soon after starting, there is a drop off in the river that wasn't mentioned before, like a mini-waterfall...maybe because we went there before the season began...we don't know. It is like going through a mini-chute. Rockton to La Farge is lovely!!! Contrary to thinking it not very interesting, we find the lower part just as beautiful as the upper portion, but in a different way. Readstown: There is NO good place to put in at Readstown. They kept telling us to go to the park...well, we did and have walked all over it. We have gone to the road on the other side of it. Where 14/61 crosses over it (bridge), the bank is suuuuuper steep. I suppose if the river was high you could get in at the park. We ended up putting in on a side creek a little bit further south of Readstown, off 61. We spent a lot of time figuring out where to put in. The last little piece before Soldiers Grove had riffles, which were fun. Soldiers Grove to B before the dam...about 9 miles, it takes about 4 hours. We have not been able to put in there at times because the mud is so deep that our feet sank too much. There are some log jams that have a few feet to pass through, submerged trees everywhere. Not very hard, but keeps you on your toes. We went with friends recently who were surprised at how much more of a challenge this was than the upper part of the Kickapoo. No cliffs, but lots of beautiful plants, animals, etc. Eagles, beavers, cranes, geese, muskrats, otter, deer, turtles, etc. I regularly see more wildlife on the lower part than I have on the upper. Takes about 4 hours and not a lot of idling. Usually you have to be paying attention. B to Gays/dam is shorter. We have portaged to the other side of the dam and then kayaked to Stump Dodger, which is sweet but short. I am glad I did it, but not so worth the effort. All of these places offer lots of shade along the way. Stump Dodger to S is where the river starts to open up wider. Much more leisurely and floaty. This is where is gets a bit more "boring" to me in terms of scenery. In all the times we have been between Readstown and S, we have NEVER ONCE ran into people on the river....except for 3 adults and 2 kids fishing. We have had people behind us get out after we did...but that is it. We like feeling like we own the river. :) I will post more as we hit other spots...especially those north of Ontarios!!!
Little Wolf River
Jun 4th, 2016 | Jamie from Little Wolf | Link
You said you put in at McNinch Road Public Access and traveled 7.8 miles. McNich road is only maybe 1.5 miles of river prior to Big Falls. Is there another access point called McNich that is much farther up?
Robinson Creek
Jun 1st, 2016 | Don Schaub from SE Minnesota | Link
I did Robinson Creek on Sunday the 29th with my brother and his GF. It started out cool and drizzly but by the afternoon the sun came out and it was very nice. What a fantastic creek! It is now my new favorite too! The area had gotten some good rain during the week so we took a chance with out scouting it first, it was flowing perfect. I love this site and all of your outstanding reviews, keep on paddling! Don
Submit a Trip
May 24th, 2016 | Mark Martello from Wisconsin River between Rhinelander and Tomahawk | Link
Please consider reviewing the Wisconsin River starting at Hat Rapids dam down to the Rollie Road DNR Canoe landing. It's my "home paddle" and I would love to see how you rate it. thanks, Mark
Nine Springs Creek
May 2nd, 2016 | Timothy Bauer from Miles Paddled | Link
A word to the wise: fitting through the very low clearance bridge/tunnel at Highway 12 is pretty tricky and definitely not appropriate for the claustrophobic. You will need either to limbo all the way back or bend forward as far as possible. It's 200 feet long and too narrow to paddle. So you just have to drift in a squatting position and try to relax. If the creek is high, then this could well be impassable...and crossing Highway 14 with a kayak and gear would be ridiculously unsafe -- there's a whole lot of traffic blazing by at 70+ mph.
Baraboo River – Wonewoc
Apr 26th, 2016 | smoucka from Yahara River | Link
I just found this site and it seems like a fantastic resource. I look forward to exploring it more! Now the river- I initially read about this stretch in Mike Svob's "Paddling Southern Wisconsin". Canoed this section two weeks ago on a very warm and sunny spring day. Discharge according to USGS at Hwy X bridge was about 490 cfs. Water level was very manageable on this stretch with no depth issues. Plenty of logs just below the water that could pose more issues with lower water. Banks were very steep and rather tall with the water level that day. Ran into a number of log jams, two of which required portaging. It must have been before anyone had been through to clear it out. Lots of navigating required. We shuttled ourselves via bike on the state trail, super convenient. The access at highway 33 was less than ideal. We pulled into a clearing just west of the bridge on the south side of highway 33. It was very easy to miss and we only saw it after going past and turning around in the first business driveway then heading back east. Easy enough to pull in and unload the boat although had to drag it through some brush and the flood plain. Very pleasant paddle. Current kept us moving along but plenty of time to relax. The paddle took just under 3 hours with plenty of time spent floating. Couldn't believe how remote it felt considering Hwy 33 isn't far away but the flood plain keeps the development away. There is a small picnic site with a bench and fire ring directly across from Third Castle. I wish we'd had time to stop and relax. I will plan for a good 20-30 minute stop to enjoy the area next time around. Access at takeout in Wonewoc was very good. Canoe landing well marked on Hwy 33 and FF. Highly recommended!
Submit a Trip
Apr 22nd, 2016 | Sarah | Link
Good Morning. I purchased my first kayak this week and am very excited to start paddling. I have only gone a couple times though so am looking for advice on some good rivers to kayak.(hopefully within the next couple weeks) I will be bringing my bike to get back to my car so please keep that in mind when giving me your suggestions. Thanks much!! Seriously, this site is so helpful!! Sarah
White River – Neshkoro
Apr 14th, 2016 | Adam Kiernicki from White River | Link
Sorry to double post. you mentioned you wondered if maybe the white river upstream of the flowage was navigable? hell yes it is! i do a ton of trout fishing all over waushara, marquette, and adams counties. i know the white river well. the portion between wautoma and the flowage is your best and most interesting float! probably you want to put in at the chicago Rd DNR land downstream of the chicago rd bridge. you could try upstream too to run under the bridge but be careful. Chicago rd is the southernmost road of the wautoma city limits. from here you can float to multiple locations. there is plenty of water for a kayak no problem. float all the way past the white's junction with its famous West Branch and your first option to get out would be at the 2 swan flower pots you can't miss. this is all dnr land and until last year an abandoned lodge stood on the empty lot behind the 2 swans. your next option to get out is not much further at the cottonville Av bridge. this is all dnr land too. your third option is to float the river all the way to the flowage which is just a couple minutes past the cottonville bridge then go to the public boat launch on the eastern shore of the flowage. if you leave out the section of the white river between chicago road and the flowage pond you absolutely are missing out on the most exciting stretch of the White.
White River – Neshkoro
Apr 14th, 2016 | Adam Kiernicki from Fox River | Link
Aaron keeps calling it Hwy 22. the road is actually called 22nd Av. Google Maps has a misprint which subsequently caused Aaron to think its Hwy 22. Google maps says "state road 22." this is NOT the road's actual name. again, he means 22nd Av even if he doesn't know it.
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Apr 10th, 2016 | TERRI GRANGER from GRNT MI | Link
I have a group of 5 that are going to paddle Stockton Island to Devil's Island and I can not for the life of me find any published kayaking mapped out routes. We are not going with guides. We have the trip planned all except the apparently hard to find routes online. Any recommendations would be awesome and appreciated. We will be starting out at Sandy Bay
Tips & Tricks
Apr 9th, 2016 | Sarah from Milwaukee | Link
I am new to kayaking and am looking for a used kayak. I saw a 14' Seacret Ocean Kayak on Craigslist and am wondering if you are able to tell me anything about it. Its an old one, so I am having trouble finding any information on it. Thanks!
Map of Reviewed Water Trails
Mar 11th, 2016 | Sandy | Link
Hi my family is planning a canoe trip and looking for somewhere around the Beaver Dam area no more than and hour away. We have about 26 adults and 10 children. Any recommendations? Thanks
Wisconsin River – Lower Dells
Feb 28th, 2016 | James T from Aurora | Link
Do you ever use the public boat launch at Dekorra? There's a parking lot across the street, Just curious if it's available for overnight parking on a multiday excursion
Wisconsin River – Castle Rock
Feb 16th, 2016 | james from Aurora | Link
When was this trip taken? Curious if the troll is still collecting his toll?
Bark River – Rome
Dec 20th, 2015 | Timothy Bauer from Madison | Link
One final update: I paddled this again yesterday, 12/19/15, at a shocking 250 cfs. Put in at Rome, took out at Green Isle bridge in Hebron, just below the 2' drop. The current was swift from Rome to the Duck Creek confluence, the riffles were exquisite, and the light rapids approaching Cushman were wavy and rollicking. Water clarity was hardly compromised at all despite the higher level, and rarely was the river deeper than 2'. After Duck Creek the gradient disappears in a floodplain forest more reminiscent of the lower Bark by Prince's Point and Burnt Village. The notable exception to that is the short mile-and-change segment below Hwy 106. There the current picks up again, the gradient increases, and it's constant riffles and light rapids. At 200+ cfs there were fun standing waves below the pedestrian bridge, and the rapids at the dam remnants in Hebron, immediately upstream from Green Isle Rd bridge, were raging. There's a formidable backroller hydraulic at the bottom of the drop in the center section -- be careful. My friend got caught in it and capsized -- and it was 23 degrees outside! (He's fine; the car was right there.) It's a rare river than can be paddled at 41 cfs and 250 cfs without its appearance or the experience of paddling it changing drastically!
Bark River – Rome
Dec 13th, 2015 | Timothy Bauer from Madison | Link
FYI, I paddled this exact trip yesterday, Dec. 12, 2015, at 125 cfs. The riffles were delightful, and the 1-2 light rapids were fun play! It was an overcast drizzly day, but still the river was clear. Water clarity was not compromised at all despite the higher level. 125 cfs is the highest I've paddled this mid-section of the Bark, and I absolutely recommend it!
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Nov 16th, 2015 | Jon from Starkweather Creek | Link
Nov. 15, 2015 - Olson Rd to Walking Iron park at ~40 CFS, 2 ft at USGS Black Earth gauge (but noticed a physical gauge stick that read about 1.5 ft. part way through trip.) Downed tree just past Hwy 14 bridge required climbing out to pull over, but only a couple of other hang ups on gravel if reading the creek carefully.
Bark River – Rome
Oct 23rd, 2015 | Timothy Bauer from Madison | Link
Also, for point of reference, there are two alternate takeouts in between Rome and Hebron. The first is at the confluence of Duck Creek and the Bark River, along Hagedorn Rd (hard to find but easy to access; there's a walking trail that many others have used -- plus it's a great alternative to the "ask for permission" dilemma at Cushman Rd immediately upstream)​. The second is at the Hebron Campground just downstream from the fun drop at the dam remnants at Green Isle. The owners of the campground, Ralph and Joann, are very nice and supportive of paddlers. There's no official launch, but it's easy to use the grassy banks, and parking is nearby.
Bark River – Rome
Oct 22nd, 2015 | Timothy Bauer from Madison | Link
I've been on this segment of the Bark as high as 90 cfs, and it is by no means dangerous. I've been on it as low as 40 cfs, and the difference between the trips in terms of depth or current speed was not terribly notable. Except for in times of intense rain, this segment is typically below 80 cfs due to the decent gradient.
Bark River – Rome
Oct 10th, 2015 | Theresa Stegemann from Bark River | Link
Thank you so very much for your excellent review. We kayaked from the Rome Pond Dam to Hwy 106 for a total of 9.6 miles, on October 9, 2015, @ 45 CFS. We did not have to portage at all. There were some areas where we scraped, but we could either scoot over those areas or walk our kayaks. Rapids were very mild and not quite class 1. The river was shallow enough to walk almost the entire distance. The highlight of the trip was the crystal clear water and ever changing scenery. Lots of maples were lit up with beautiful fall color and the wildlife was amazing! This truly was one of the best kayak outings of the year! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome review! One thing: I worry about for future paddles on this stretch of the Bark, I noticed, after returning home, that the CFS climbed to above 70 CFS. There was no rain that day, so I'm assuming that water was released upstream for some other reason. I worry that I would unknowingly be in a situation of high/fast water. Do you know anything about the Bark's CFS fluctuations?
Wisconsin River – Mazomanie
Oct 6th, 2015 | Robert VandenBroeke from Colorado River | Link
I paddled the Wisconsin River from Blue River down to Boscobel with my new packraft. It was a very enjoyable trip. I did have to get out and walk once. I was hoping to see more wildlife though, so that was a little disappointing. I plan on coming back next year to float the Kickapoo.
Tomorrow River
Oct 5th, 2015 | Tim M from Baraboo River | Link
Thanks for the review of the Tomorrow River. We enjoyed kayaking from the Mill to the State trail this past weekend despite temperature in the 50s and windy but we also were able to stay out of the icy cold water. You do have to know how to steer your boat around obstacles though. We were able to kayak under the cow bridge! I would make a comment about the "rant" of the above reviewer regarding fishing potentially taking prioroity over kayaking. As both a kayaker/hiker and a hunter/fisherman, I do know for a fact that 98% of the money and efforts put in to the conservation of wild areas in WI come from hunters and fishermen, not we kayakers and hikers. I am a freeloader, even when I am on public land where hunters and fishermen are not allowed yet they exist because of the dollars and efforts of these sportsmen. Perhaps it is time for we kayakers and hikers to also buy an annual license and pay taxes on our kayaks/gear to help fund the conservation efforts of hunters and fishermen in our state?
Spring Creek – Lodi
Sep 24th, 2015 | Noumenon72 | Link
This is a very accurate review. Thanks for all the takeout detail. I did sections 2, 3, and a bit of 4. There's really not good parking by the first Hwy 113 bridge either. The third cow fence I almost got stuck up against - thanks for the warning.
Map of Reviewed Water Trails
Sep 4th, 2015 | Sally from Wisconsin River | Link
Looking to confirm that you CAN take out at Ferry Bluff on the Wisconsin River. hoping to canoe from VFW in Sauk to Ferry Bluff, hike the trails, then head back home. Concerned that the current from Honey Creek will make it difficult to paddle UP stream to the canoe access. Thoughts?
Big Eau Pleine River
Aug 10th, 2015 | Alix from Big Eau Pleine | Link
As a Stratford native, we paddle this river often. It is a great trip when the water is high, but in the middle of summer, water levels get low and make the pushing over the shallow sections, or getting out and pulling the kayak over, more work than it is worth. There are many rapids along the river, and all are navigable even in high water, even for an amateur paddler like myself. We often put in at March Rapids, and depending on available time, we will pull out at the "rendering plant" off of Hillside St. There is good parking here and is a semi-popular fishing spot. If we have more time, we paddle past Big Rapids and pull out where Equity St. curves next to the river. Here, parking is on the road, which doesn't get much traffic. I've never taken it as far as the M bridge, but now I'll have to! My husband has put in at Cherokee before as well, so that is always an option. It certainly is a beautiful piece of river!
Map of Reviewed Water Trails
Jul 24th, 2015 | sarah from milwaukee river | Link
I am hoping to take my boys(ages 12 and 16) and their friends on a kayaking day trip. We are close to Milwaukee. They like rapids ( of course) but have only kayaked and canoed a few times so they certainly are not experienced nor am I. Any suggestions?
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Jul 16th, 2015 | Dane from Madison | Link
There's a downed tree towards the end in Mezomanie we had to port across. The creek seems to be running a little faster and higher from the storm over the weekend compared to a few weeks ago when we paddled it.
Mecan River
Jun 29th, 2015 | Paul | Link
Paddled from 11th Ave down to Dixie Ave yesterday. It was a great run with clear water and tight twisty turns. Trees were clear but there were a few limbo logs. Lots of wildlife, we paddled right by a small fawn with spots and got a good look at a 6pt velvet buck.
Fox River – Swan Lake
Jun 27th, 2015 | mstubbs from yahara | Link
There is no dam at Swan Lake. You can put in the fox river at Portage and go up into Swan Lake with no portage.
Duck Creek Middle Branch
Jun 13th, 2015 | mstubbs from yahara,wi | Link
That was a really good trip report! We followed that but going upstream not downstream from Wyona Park (very nice park with flush toilets no less). Very difficult to go upstream where they tried to make a dam in the river. Then we couldn't get beyond where the pedestrian bridge has fallen as our boats ride too high in the water. Exactly like in the photos. Nonetheless it was a very likeable trip on the clear duck creek. Then we came back and went around the park to the other side and went up the other creek which was muddy. But interestingly, there was more wildlife, a lot more. I take it there were more fish in the muddy stream than in the clear stream? Many many green herons, one great egret, blue herons, many wood ducks with broods, king birds, etc. It's a nice alder marsh habitat. Finally we encountered wood blockage and gave it up. Saw a hunting Osprey over the lake on the way back. Very nice area!
Mecan River – Upper
May 30th, 2015 | Kayak Mike | Link
Hi Aaron, If your going to be up in this area, you might like to try Neenah Creek. The water level is high right now which makes it paddlable. I put in on Co. Rd. CX and paddle down to the Fox. Then get out by the Co. Rd. CM bridge. Plus with the water level so high you can get around all dead falls.
Mecan River – Upper
May 30th, 2015 | Kayak Mike from Fox River | Link
I love this part of the Mecan!It has a real "Up North" feeling. I'm glad to see someone cut a path at that downed tree. I had to portage over it with my wife and daughter. It was one of my daughters 1st time out kayaking and she wasn't happy. I really like your site. It has a lot of good info on some of the smaller rivers and creeks that I like to paddle. If I could make one suggestion, Date of the trip.
Baraboo River – La Valle
May 28th, 2015 | Noumenon72 from Baraboo River | Link
Regarding jams, I paddled from Redstone to Reedsburg while the flow was at 280. There was one jam I had to portage, one or two where I climbed over a log, and I ran into one big sandbar and had to turn around and go on the deeper side. So I think that's just fine! It turns out that I love how river kayaking presents you with occasional obstacles that keep it from being an endless paddle and force you to find a way through. I've been working on paddling from Reedsburg to Baraboo, taking the boat out at the bridges. Do you allow others to submit reviews to the site? Of course, the flow went to over 800 two days ago, so it won't exactly be a representative trip. I got a video of several two-foot-long fish spawning or something in a flooded grassy meadow... By the way, thanks for that link to the river flow, I could not find anything so useful on Google. Can you give me a link to how I could search the site for other river levels, such as Token Creek? I couldn't figure out how.
Other Reviews
May 28th, 2015 | Michael Curtin from Champaign IL | Link
Aaron, Good afternoon! I write seeking advice: my wife and I are interested in taking a long weekend trip to Wisconsin to take in a few kayak trails and some breweries. I've been unable to find any resources which combine these two activities. Do you have any recommendations, either for resources or for a specific trail? Thank you! Michael
Baraboo River – La Valle
May 27th, 2015 | Noumenon72 from Baraboo River | Link
Nice review! Wish I'd found it before making the whole trip to Reedsburg and getting in at 9:30 at night.
White River – Neshkoro
May 22nd, 2015 | Jean Kurek from Wisconsin River (central) | Link
Looking at the map, I don't see how the take-out can be on Hwy 22. What am I missing?
White Creek
May 19th, 2015 | Jonathon from Wisconsin River (upper) | Link
I tried 14 mile creek last summer and it has great potential. Unfortunately, the number of large log jams and high flow rate make it fairly dangerous as is. It's really a shame. Glad to see people are trying the creeks around the area!
Badfish Creek
May 9th, 2015 | Donna from Badfish Creek | Link
Can people rent canoe/kayak for these creek trips or do we need to have our own equipment? THANKS!
Neenah Creek Main Branch – Part 2
Apr 21st, 2015 | Mark Derheimer from Neenah Creek | Link
Ironic that I encountered a kayaker coming downstream while trout fishing the upper section of the Neenah yesterday and today I stumble upon your website. Since we never see anyone fishing this section, let alone trying to navigate it in a kayak, I had to wonder if it was you. Just curious, Mark
Badfish Creek
Apr 10th, 2015 | KC from Madison | Link
Has anyone gone through Badfish creek this early in the season (Spring 2015)? Trying to figure out if the creek is clear or if portaging is necessary.
Shuttles and Rentals
Mar 25th, 2015 | Easton Dreher from Wisconsin Dells | Link
Hi, Vertical Illusions is an outfitter for Kayak and Canoe rentals in Wisconsin Dells. We do the Upper and the Lower Wisconsin Dells on the Wisconsin River. We have been in business for 10 years. I just noticed we are not listed as a provider on your page. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Thank you, Easton Dreher Vertical illusions 608.253.2500
Badfish Creek
Mar 19th, 2015 | James from Badfish | Link
Any idea what fish species are in here? Different fish in different sections? I live very close and enjoy the scenery on this creek. I'd love to wade and fish it. Thanks!
Pine River – Richland Center
Feb 19th, 2015 | Peggy Timmerman from Pine River | Link
We own property along the Pine and regularly paddle (kayak, SUP and canoe) from the Hwy 60 bridge by Gotham down to the WI river and back. This section is mostly wooded and has a lot of birds, though not great views. A very pleasant paddle. However, from Twin Bluffs down to the WI river has never been cleaned up and is full of snags and strainers, which can be tricky especially with a longer boat.
Eau Claire River (Chippewa Tributary)
Feb 18th, 2015 | Justin - EC Adventures from Eau Claire River (Chippewa Tributary) | Link
Excellent review and thanks for the feedback for EC Adventures! We are biased, but these stretches on Eau Claire River are great trips for all types of paddlers. Feel free to reach out again if you have any interest in exploring the South Fork in 2015. We will be out there frequently this Spring, as it's the best time to check them out! EC Adventures 715.495.7427
Pecatonica River – East Branch
Jan 9th, 2015 | Jacki from Milwaukee River/Lake Michigan | Link
Wow, great site! My husband and I are new to kayaking. We went on our first camping/kayaking trip last year to Pattison State Park and kayaked the Bois Brule. It was great. We both tipped, I lost my sunglasses, but it was great. We're going to kayak the Pecatonica this August.
Mecan River
Oct 27th, 2014 | Dave | Link
The Mecan River is my favorite small stream and I've paddled it over a dozen times. For a capable canoeist it presents no problem, and I find it a great river to teach canoe strokes. I've paddled it in 16' & 17' tandem canoes and 14' - 16'+ solo canoes without having any trouble. It gets 5 stars in my book. Please do not recommend the upstream put-in at Hmy JJ in Dakota. This is private property and, although the owner doesn't object to responsible use, it's best to avoid the culvert. The downstream put-in works better because of the eddy on the left side. The rocks downstream are easy to avoid.
Badfish Creek
Oct 27th, 2014 | Dave | Link
I've paddled Badfish Creek dozens of times and assure you it is not just cosmetically clean. Since improvements were made in sewage treatment and disposal, the fish populations in Badfish have rebounded, which is why kingfishers and great blue herons are commonly seen. Please update your review to reflect this more accurate state of affairs.
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Oct 14th, 2014 | mike | Link
What is the creek like riffle wise from the park to Hudson Rd? What side of the bridge has the best take out? Thanks!
Black Earth Creek – Mazomanie
Sep 22nd, 2014 | mike | Link
Paddled the creek today 9/22/14. Olson rd to walking iron park is clear! Awesome paddle, thanks for the write up on it! Would have never found otherwise. I live 10 min from badfish creek, and this is faster and more intimate. It is also more scenic with the hills in the distance.
Black Earth Creek – Black Earth to Mazomanie
Aug 18th, 2014 | John F Wick | Link
1.The field on the west side of the Shoe Box looks like a good spot to park the car, unload off the street and launch. I have not yet talked to owner Steve. 2.We are working on the problem of the fences across the creek. 3.Olson Road bridge is a great launch site. Park and launch on the east side. 4.Two Bridges with shelter, trail head and porta potty is a good stopping point below bridge on left. 5.We are working on railroad bridge debris just downstream from Two Bridges. 6.State street below bridge on left is mowed county land sold by Schumann to county, mowed to creek by Schumann for a great downtown landing and launch and they approve use. 7.At walking Iron Park 200 yards downstream from the small trail bridge I mowed a trail into a good landing/launch site north of the rest room and pumping station.
Lemonweir River – Mouth
Aug 10th, 2014 | Mark | Link
This site is great! I have done many of the same trips as I live near Portage. A useful piece of information for each trip is actual paddling time. We did the Lemonweir Mouth trip expecting 5 hours per your review. We put in at the snowmobile bridge at 11:30a. We were quite casual, stopping several times and just floating quite a bit. We hit the Two Rivers landing at 1:30pm. We actually had our pick up vehicle at the camp grounds on the WI River a mile down or so. In all we had about 2.5 hrs paddling casually. A nice trip, but we would have gone further if we knew the actual paddling time beforehand. Food for thought. Thanks for a great resource!
Morrison Creek
Jun 14th, 2014 | Austin | Link
Glad to contribute! We used to bike from the Arbutus park down J to Levis(and back) but stopped due to traffic(there were other factors, like not staying or even being able to at the park due to no vacancy). Appreciate you not taking offense. Text can came across wrong and it seems like I'm being overly adamant or what not at times, so am glad you didn't take it that way. Your site is such a good resource I truly do feel indebted (MilesPaddled too!) Will comment more on Halls there. Was definitely lower and just on the margin of doable... It ended up being one of the most splendid experiences I have ever had though! An absolutely gorgeous run and basically my notion of what a "perfect" run would be!! (with just a little more water, gauges were 3.9 ft at Neilsville, East Fork ~650CFS 6/8/14) Many, many thanks for sharing that account and leading to my own unreal adventure there!!!
Morrison Creek
Jun 12th, 2014 | Austin L. | Link
This is a very handy pdf map: It shows a private landing near the Morrison Creek one, perhaps that fella mentioning trespassing had them confused... Your blog is awesome! Did Hall's Creek recently due your type up of it; the Miles Paddled Robinson Creek was also a major contributing factor(their site led me to yours) Will comment more there(Halls Creek) since I did the lower section from where you stopped. I do a lot of biking at Levis Mound. Excellent, destination worthy trails there, possible the best in the state. Can't believe how oblivious I was to what the rest of the area has to offer until recent! I would like to state something about bike shuttles though. Please take no offense. I'd would highly discourage biking along County E for any considerable length or duration. There is no shoulder and that road is crazy busy these days. It's basically a state highway with how much Hatfield has blown up. Many vehicles are big truck/suv four wheeler types too that are inconsiderate to say the least(copious noise, fumes, aggressive driving, indifference to damaging large tracts of land, etc...) Just please use extreme caution on that road at least. I would say you'd be taking a serious risk with your life peddling that road on a Saturday especially! Thanks! p.s. I will be looking into the access issue too btw. My uncle is a registered attorney in tribal court, is native himself(step uncle so i'm not), lives down there and would possibly know definitively himself or who would. I'd say it either has to do with fishing rights or a different nearby area/misunderstanding on where it applies to exactly(like those No Tress'ing signs on state land from your WI river/dells area account! WTH?!)
Namekagon River – Hayward to Stinnett
Dec 4th, 2013 | Colleen Peterson | Link
Beautiful site! So glad I happened upon all your hard work - I have book on paddling WI rivers, but love the photos and descriptions you give! We live on the Red Cedar just outside Chetek, and LOVE to kayak it - we would definitely be able to contribute some pics of the Barron to Hwy 64 stretch. No rapids, but good moving water most of the year. We've been on it from March - November, maybe some year we'll hit the other 3 if global warming continues. Thanks for the great site!
Kickapoo River
Sep 5th, 2013 | Jim | Link
My wife and I are new to kayaking and saw the Kickapoo on this website. We live in the Appleton area and decided to make the trip to Ontario while on vacation. We stayed over night in Tomah and then headed to Ontario. We were the only 2 on the river since school was back in session and the weather was very nice. The only regret I have is that my cell phone did not have service so we were unable to call for our ride, but we were able to get a ride back with one of the rental outfits in Ontario. I recommend this trip to all kayaking enthusiasts.
Pine River – Far Upper
May 28th, 2013 | mark mccauley | Link
Great job on this site!!! My friends and i have been cleaning up the Pine River from Rockbridge down. We may start a rental at Rockbridge.

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