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13 Comments to “Submit a Trip”

  1. Good Morning. I purchased my first kayak this week and am very excited to start paddling. I have only gone a couple times though so am looking for advice on some good rivers to kayak.(hopefully within the next couple weeks) I will be bringing my bike to get back to my car so please keep that in mind when giving me your suggestions. Thanks much!! Seriously, this site is so helpful!! Sarah

  2. Please consider reviewing the Wisconsin River starting at Hat Rapids dam down to the Rollie Road DNR Canoe landing. It’s my “home paddle” and I would love to see how you rate it.


    1. Thanks for the comment! The prospect sounds great and if it were a local trip, I would do it next weekend. Unfortunately, I live in southern Wisconsin and that is a very long drive. We’ll see!

  3. Hello,
    Way too long time no comment! You reviewed a trip once where there is a cavern/cave/arch that you can paddle through. I’ve been searching your reviews to no avail. I thought/figured it was in the driftless area but didn’t find it in any of those…
    Surely you know what im talking about? I certainly hope so!
    I do believe its the only feature on any river quite like that; it was fairly sandstoney i do believe.
    Thanks for all the reviews!!!

    1. ah looks like i found it over on milespaddled
      Mormon Creek, Oehler Cave or whatnot. Looks like a crummy
      paddle unfortunately. On the flipside I stumbled across your review of Bridge Creek that looks neat-o.

      Where ya paddling this weekend??

  4. Hi, I just did a short bike/paddle trip on the Sugar (Riverside-Paoli) it was a great trip but I would like to extend it and I was looking into Badger Mill Creek. starting at Bruce Street in Verona, under the highway and on to the confluence with the Sugar and then down to Paoli. I checked out the sections I could drive to and it looked fairly doable.Looking at google maps it looks as if there are a couple of (low?) farm bridges and maybe some fences… Do you know if anyone has tried it?

  5. Question, I purchased a pungo 105 (quite an upgrade from my sun dolphin aruba 10) and was wondering what your opinion is on it. Its pretty similar in size and shape and honestly I love my aruba 10. I do small rivers and creeks, and am planning on doing the little platte river from your post stumpton road to hwy 0, and was just wondering your thoughts on my boat purchase for this type of paddling (mild buyers remorse but we will see how it handles this friday when I get it out.)

    1. You know I’m not familiar with the Pungo 105…but I am familiar with the manufacturer (Wilderness) and I consider them top notch. I also like the length (one of my boats is that width). IMO this seems like a good buy.

  6. Bark River is wonderfully clean and fresh until you get to the Hwy 18 Wayside near Dousman.

    1. Yeah, it does change after that point. There is still good paddling to be had on the river though.

  7. Absolutely love your website! Have used the overview maps and many other features. I think I have kayaked eight weeks in a row with one week off. The only thing I wish your site had was the date of each review. Or am I missing it somewhere? I keep looking. The only ones that seem to have dates are the most recent ones on the homepage.

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