Coon Creek

While famous as a trout stream, Coon Creek is a surprisingly nice water trail for kayaking with some surprising and fun rapids.  An annual kayak race takes place each year and ends in the community of Coon Valley.

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Hwy P Fishing Access to Hwy 162

Date Paddled: June 8th, 2014
Distance: 4.9 Miles
Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

An obscure paddling prospect with nice riffles, scenic hilly vistas, and no technical portages…but with some serious obstacles to contend with.  In paddling circles, few will have heard of Coon Creek or its main tributary, Timber Coulee Creek, but for fishermen this is one of the most famous watersheds in all of Wisconsin and is […]


Veterans Memorial Park, Coon Valley to Koll Road

Date Paddled: August 13th, 2022
Distance: 4.5 miles
Time: Expect 2 hours

Once maligned for paddling, Coon Creek has recently been revitalized through conservation practices, local cleanup efforts, and an annual canoe race.  Now it's currently one of the more underrated water trails in West Central Wisconsin.


Koll Road to Chaseburg Memorial Park

Date Paddled: October 9th, 2022
Distance: 4.9 miles
Time: Expect 2-3 hours

While there are few rapids and it's not as scenic as Upper Coon Creek, Lower Coon Creek is still a decent paddle trip.


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Feb 15th, 2022 - Aaron from Dell Creek
I did go after a heavy rain and your comment is interesting. I'll have to return again to do the segment after Coon Valley when the creek is more clear.
Feb 15th, 2022 - Ian from Kinnickinnick
You obviously were on the creek after heavy rain because these streams are the clearest you will find with some of the best fishing to be had. Sorry about "jagged" rocks, but they are excellent habitat for fish. DNR spends money on restoration for fish, not kayaks. The funds come from license fees. The streams is this area are the among the top in the state. I assure you that normal water conditions are crystal clear.
Mar 12th, 2020 - Aaron from Dell Creek
In 2014, I paddled Coon Creek. It was a beautiful creek but had some serious logjam and electric fence issues. It turns out these have since been cleaned out and this is now a viable water trail. In fact the locals held a race on almost the exact same stretch I did in 2019 and will do so again in 2020. Considering signing up for the race!

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