First view north after launch from Totogatic Park

Biggest island on the Flowage looking east

Exploring the big island on the east side of the Flowage

Hiking on the island

Looking east towards the inflow of the Totogatic River

Heading north towards the bays

Hwy T Bridge

Paddling west on the channel that connects with Cranberry Lake

Looking north towards Cranberry Lake

Heading south toward Totogatic Park

Small island directly south of Kennedy Rd

Looking south from the center of the Flowage


Minong Flowage

Peter Johnson
June 30th, 2023
Totogatic Park
Totogatic Park
6.8 miles
4 hours

Minong Flowage is a 1564 acre flowage formed in 1937 by a dam on the Totogatic River. The flowage has a lot of area to paddle and is fairly easy to navigate. There aren’t any strong currents which makes it easy to paddle in any direction. The shorelines are lined with trees and there are multiple islands that can be explored or stopped at for a break. The islands are very popular stops with boaters.

The Minong Flowage is a great trip for kayakers that would like a lot of area to paddle but want to start and finish a trip from the same launch point. The flowage has enough area to choose a short or long trip and makes it easy to paddle any direction.

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