Halls Creek – Guest Review

May 29th, 2024
Trow Lake Dam
Garage Road
4.0 miles
2.5 hours
Water Level:
Black River @ Neillsville 790 CFS or 4.73'

Before taking on this paddle make sure to check the rock on Highway E just north of Halls Creek Landing. Looking upriver there are 3 rocks. The flat rock closest to the bridge should be mostly underwater. If more than the top of the rock is showing, you will scrape and probably need to get out some. Putting in at Trow Lake Dam is straightforward. Hike down next to the dam, the put-in is at the base of the dam. The creek has been cleared (thank you to the Friends of the Black River) to Garage Road. Take-out is easily recognized as it is the only other bridge. Take out on the left. It is a bit of a hike uphill to the parking area. We left our bikes here and shuttled back to Trow Lake (4.5 miles). Do NOT take old K as a cut across the road. It is closed on the north end. We saw multiple ducks, herons, eagles, and deer. The water was a bit cloudier than normal with all the rain.

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Alternate Halls Creek Trips:

  • Sand Road to Giles Memorial Park:  1.4 miles.  This might be scenic, but there could be logjams.
  • Giles Memorial Park to Trow Lake Dam:  1.4 miles.  Launching below the first dam should be doable, but might be a bit tricky.  This stretch might have a neat canyon, but is mostly flowage paddling and there is likely a logjam to deal with.
  • Trow Lake Dam to Garage Road:  4 miles.  Shallow but a great stretch with some nice outcrops.
  • Garage Road to Mouth on Black River:  7.6 miles.  Best stretch on Halls Creek, and one of the TOP water trails in the ENTIRE state of Wisconsin.

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