Wolf River

This is Wisconsin’s most famous whitewater river.  There are sections for all skill levels, with the easiest rapids (generally speaking) located the furthest upstream.

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W. Hollister Road Landing to Hwy 64 DNR Landing

Date Paddled: July 30th, 2015
Distance: 8.5 Miles
Time: 5 hours 50 minutes (4 hours might be more typical)

A journey to the whitewater capitol of Wisconsin to enjoy some fun class 2 rapids and amazing boulder gardens.


Langlade Landing to Wild Wolf Inn

Date Paddled: June 9th, 2019
Distance: 10.6 miles
Time: 5 hours

One of the best whitewater stretches in the entire state of Wisconsin.


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Jun 15th, 2023 - Aaron from Dell Creek
Megan, you would be fine for kayaking. The river is actually higher now than it was during my trip (7.75' vs 7.57'). But rafting might require more padding. You might ask the local liveries for their advice. I think you're ok though.
Jun 14th, 2023 - Megan Micheau from Hermansville
I plan on coming to camp and go rafting on Saturday with the Britton/ felter group. Is the river going to be high enough for us to go rafting in saturday??
Oct 17th, 2022 - Aaron from Dell Creek
Here's a cool fall video of the Wolf River. It includes a whitewater run of the Dells which is really scenic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFa2W4DtzHQ
Jul 19th, 2017 - admin
Thanks for the comment Stacie! Definitely am interested to know more about the Pearson route. Hopefully you get good water levels for the trip (the Wolf like most Wisconsin rivers this year has been crazy).
Jul 19th, 2017 - Stacie Kenney from Fox River
Thanks so much for this very in depth review! My family's cabin is in Summit Lake, not too far from Pearson. We have kids and plan to take them kayaking along the Pearson to Lily route, so I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

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