Waterproof Wisconsin Water Trail Maps

Jared Wold (who made the Wisconsin Rivers Poster) has recently launched a new series of waterproof paddle maps for Wisconsin.  Over 100 maps will be included which will cover many of the state’s main water trails.  You will be able to detach a specific map from its collection to bring along on a trip.  This is a clever idea since cell service on rivers can be inconsistent (plus who wants to risk damaging/losing your phone or dealing with a dead battery).  The maps will be grouped into five collections (four quadrants of the state plus a whitewater series).  Each map will include mileage markers, access points and landmarks.

Click here for more details and to pre-order the Southwest Wisconsin collection.

WisconsinRiverTrips.com is not financially affiliated with Vector Force.  I’m only linking to it because I think it is a neat idea!

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