Andy’s Wisconsin River FKT Thing

Starting June 3rd, Andy Nevitt will attempt to set a record for the fastest end-to-end paddle of the Wisconsin River.  The goal is to do 430 miles in 4-6 days which is a blistering 70-100 miles each day and will include night paddling.  His exact location will be posted on and he’ll post updates on his Facebook page.  Andy previously raced in the Missouri River 340 and came in second solo at the inaugural Mississippi River 140 race in Minnesota, with a finishing time around 18 hours, 30 minutes.  That’s 140 miles in 16 hours, in a mostly overnight race with 6 portages, several of which were around a mile long.

On June 8th Andy completed his trip and set a new solo record of 5 days, 2 hours, and 19 minutes.  He posted a PDF summary of his trip with photos that I highly recommend reading.

4 Comments to “Andy’s Wisconsin River FKT Thing”

  1. I don’t understand why he feels compelled to make this a sprint. The heck with setting records, take it slowly and enjoy the sights and sounds. Life is hectic enough without making our “leisure time” a contest.

    1. Rick, it’s not like the shoreline was blurry as I was blazing by at an average speed of 5-6mph. I was definitely able to take in the “sights and sounds”; I was just able to do it in a short time period.

      For some, testing physical limits and accomplishing a goal produces a sense of achievement and purpose; I believe that is the very core of true adventure. If you don’t understand or agree with that sentiment, that’s ok. The river is for everyone, at whatever pace they decide to take it in.

    2. Are you going to tell that to the Indianapolis 500 drivers too?
      The Olympics contestants?
      How about the Brewer’s when they are running the bases? “Take it slow, enjoy the sights and sounds”.

  2. Thanks Andy for documenting your experience on the Wisconsin. Very interesting and inspiring. Congratulations on finishing especially considering the health challenges you experienced.

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