Video shows how dangerous the Sauk City trestle is

Apr 30th, 2017 | OTHER NEWS

A video was taken from a motor boat traveling upstream under the old railroad bridge by Sauk City.  In the video you can see the power of the river and the dangerous eddies/whirlpools that can (and have in the past) trap and kill paddlers.  The moral of the story is stay well away from the pylons and don’t paddle on the Wisconsin River when it is high.  Honestly, I consider 10k+ (per the Muscoda gauge) to be too high because it covers up the sandbars.  The video was taken at 35,356 CFS.  As an interesting side note, the strong currents have dug into the substrate over the years and compromised the structural integrity of the pylons and even the entire bridge (one of the reasons it was decommissioned).

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